Join our fantastic demonstrations which take place over 2 days – 24th October and 12th December. During the first session you will learn everything you need to know to bake the perfect Christmas cake. The second demonstration covers everything you need to make an iced masterpiece! The classes will be taught by Sarah Hughes, founder of Applebox Cake Studio, Herefordshire. Sarah was Three Counties Designer of the Year 2017, as well as Herefordshire Wedding Cake Designer of the Year 2017. Sarah produces cakes that are stunning to look at and simply delicious to eat. Inspiring others to experiment, create and take artistic baking to a new level is Sarah’s driving passion.

12 December

Demonstration Content:

  1. The traditional decorated Christmas cake v new techniques (Royal icing/Fondant icing/Airbrushing/Modelling/Use of crystallised/dehydrated fruit etc.
  2. Cake and cake board preparation
  3. Marzipan layer
  4. Demonstration of icing techniques and creating decorations
  5. Finishing touches
  6. Troubleshooting

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Making the most of your Aga

I recently attended a ‘making the most of your Aga’ cooking course. The course was excellent and I just wanted to say thank you. Eckington Manor is beautiful and so is the cookery school, set in really lovely surroundings with beautiful gardens. The cookery school was a really pleasant place to learn, lovely and light and it had a really nice feel about it. Our AGA expert was absolutely great, her communication was brilliant and she has such a beautiful personality.