Don’t be fooled by this simple course title, Knife Skills really isn’t to be missed. Join us for this popular course and learn how to create beautifully presented dishes. Before we begin slicing and dicing, you will be taught how to choose a set of knives suited to your individual preference be testing different weights and materials; you’ll be shown how to look after your knives, keeping them perfectly sharp; and how to identify the correct knife for the job. After that, the fun begins! You will learn how to either fillet a fish or joint a chicken, as well as how to carve your Sunday joints. You’ll also spend time slicing and dicing vegetables in Julienne and Brunoise styles, before you tackle the fruit bowl! If you want to become quicker in the kitchen and turn out impressive looking dishes, then this is the course for you. 
Price includes all ingredients, refreshments on arrival and during the day. You will eat some of the food you prepare during the course at lunchtime and take home a recipe pack.

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Making the most of your Aga

I recently attended a ‘making the most of your Aga’ cooking course. The course was excellent and I just wanted to say thank you. Eckington Manor is beautiful and so is the cookery school, set in really lovely surroundings with beautiful gardens. The cookery school was a really pleasant place to learn, lovely and light and it had a really nice feel about it. Our AGA expert was absolutely great, her communication was brilliant and she has such a beautiful personality.