Thursday 31st October 2019  –  10.00am-4.00pm

A fantastic one day course for AGA enthusiasts, whether you own your own AGA, are thinking about purchasing an AGA, are about to inherit an AGA or just want to give AGA cookery a go then this is a wonderful introduction to the iconic cooker. Our chef tutor will guide you through some delicious and easy recipes showing you how to get the very most out of your AGA.

What is a cold shelf? 80/20 rule? Do you know how to fry an egg on an AGA? This course is a great introduction to AGA cookery and is designed for beginners and if you are thinking about purchasing an AGA. If you are not confident on your AGA or have never used an AGA then this is the perfect course for you. Our chef tutor will guide you through the principles of AGA cookery, leaving you full of confidence and eager to cook at home!

Price includes all ingredients, refreshments on arrival and during the day. You will eat some of the food you cook during the course at lunchtime and take home a recipe pack.


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