Come and join us on this fun and festive course!

Stollen: The German Christmas Bread that is soaked in rum, made with a fruited dough and has marzipan through the middle.   The dough is made in two parts with a bulk fermentation added to the final dough to create a unique flavour and texture.

Mini Panettone:  Italy’s favourite Christmas bread, made with lemons or oranges and dressed with almonds.   Learn how to make this beautiful, enriched bread with all the techniques involved – mixing, moulding, proving, shaping and dressing.

Mince Pies:  It wouldn’t be Christmas without making some classic all butter mince pies with a luxury mince meat filling oozing with flavour.  Learn how to make the pastry by hand with the correct rolling and filling techniques to make the perfect mince pies – all ready for your after dinner treats.

The course includes all ingredients, refreshments on arrival and during the day, lunch (some of which you have prepared during the course) and a recipe pack.

Please note: menus may vary/change without notice being given.